Porter Cable Multi-Tool – Cheap Cost, Highly Durable

Porter Cable Multi-Tool Overview:

Porter Cable Multi-ToolOscillating Multi-Tool – The Porter Cable Multi-Tool is a recent release by the Porter Cable company, which has been around since 1906. It is evident from its versatility and multifaceted applications, that much research and a wealth of experience have gone into this new precision tool to make working with wood and metal easier.

The Porter Cable Multi-Tool can be used to effectively cut and sand wood and even finish balustrades, cabinets, inside of stair corners, etc. And it easily removes rust from metal garden seats and removes paint residues from almost any surface. The Porter Cable Multi-Tool is also very effective in scraping edges and in removing the adhesive under vinyl floors. It quickly grinds too with precision so is very useful in tile replacement.

And unlike other multi-tools in the market, the Porter Cable Multi-Tool offers a less cumbersome method of changing the accessories for different purposes. All you need to do is press a spring-loaded lever to change the angle of the blade you are using or replace it with another blade according to your requirements. You do not need any wrenches or screwdrivers like you would with other multi-tools to effect the change. The multi-pin locking system of the Porter Cable Multi-Tool gives you perfect alignment in no time at all.

It has a powerful 2.5 amps motor that gives up to 20000 oscillations per minute and the speed can be adjusted with the variable speed dial that is positioned perfectly within easy reach. The Porter Cable Multi-Tool comes with a 90 day money back warranty, a year’s free service, and a three year limited warranty.

As it can be used for cutting, sanding, grinding, and scraping, this Porter Cable Multi-Tool is ideal for carpenters and anybody who likes working with wood. It is also a good tool to have around for household repair and renovation work.

Porter Cable Multi-Tool Review:

The majority of people who have used the Porter Cable Multi-Tool have good things to say about it although they do advise caution when trying to penetrate inner areas of wood. If too much pressure is applied, the Porter Cable Multi-Tool stops working. Also while sanding, in just under an hour of use, the sanding platen is unable to hold the sandpaper properly as the tip and sides fuse with the heat generated.

If you are looking to make a box, the Porter Cable Multi-Tool is only good for cutting out an opening and not for making the sides of the box as the cut lines lack joinery quality. The noise and the dust generated by the tool is also a bit on the higher side. The hacksaw edged metal cutting blade tends to wear off easily when used to trim brass bolts.

Most don’t mind these minor glitches faced with the Porter Cable Multi-Tool considering the ease with which they are able to change blades and the speed and precision with which they are able to complete the work at hand. It being a compact lightweight tool makes it very attractive to women woodworkers too.

The general consensus is that the Porter Cable Multi-Tool is a must-buy for anyone who is looking to cut, sand, scrape, or grind with precision and speed.

Porter Cable Multi-Tool:

Product Specifications

Porter Cable Multi-Tool
Part Number: PC250MTK
Power Source: corded-electric
Item Package Quantity: 1
Item Dimensions
Weight: 6.6 Pounds
Length: 15 inches
Width: 4.50 inches
Height: 11.25 inches

Technical Details

  • Tool-free accessory change requires no bolts or wrenches
  • Powerful 2.5 Amp motor provides high torque for smooth cutting
  • Variable speed dial offers maximum control across applications
  • 10-foot cord for access to applications
  • Porter Cable Multi-Tool Includes: Kitbox with a wide assortment of accessories

Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool: A Balanced Review

Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool Overview:

Bosch Oscillating Multi-ToolOscillating Multi-Tool – If you are looking for an extremely versatile multi-tool, the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool is the one for you. This multi-tool can cut, sand, rasp, grout, scrape through wood, plastic, or metal without flinching! The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool is perfect for anyone who does home improvement work professionally and also those who like to take care of repairs by themselves.

The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool is very powerful at 2.5 amps and can easily handle tough applications. It maintains speed under any load because of its continuous electronic circuitry. The speed dial helps you arrive at the correct speed needed for any particular job. The accessories are easily interchangeable and the size of the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool enables it to reach those hard to reach areas.

It comes with several accessories including blades for plunge-cutting, grouting, scraping, and segmenting; sanding pad and triangles, an adapter, hex and Allen wrenches, an accessory holder and a carry case. The Allen wrench, in particular, comes in handy while replacing accessories. The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool is not very heavy either.

The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool completely rewrites how precision cutting is done. If you want to make a clean cut, then this tool fits the bill perfectly. Just mark the area and make the cleanest cut you’ve ever made with this handy tool. It is perfect for cutting holes in the wall too.

Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool Review:

The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool also comes at an ideal price that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. But the blades are quite pricey and can be sometimes difficult to find. It would have been great if more blades had been given with the base kit.

A very common complaint though is that the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool doesn’t fit in properly in the bag with the blade still attached to it. But then the bag was never meant to hold the blade and the tool together. There is a separate holder for accessories and it might be a better idea to always remove the blade before storing it.

The vibration and the noise takes a bit of getting used to but once you are familiar with the tool, the sound becomes bearable. In fact, a comparison of the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool with other similar oscillating multi-tools showed that the noise levels are slightly lower with the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool. It would still be a good idea to wear ear plugs.

It holds steady at high speeds and does not jump in your hands. The heft and power of the tool keeps it going for hours together with the same efficiency. The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool does, however, tend to blow a lot of air through the vents that gets dust into your face so you need to wear a mask.

One special feature that sets the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool apart from the rest is that instead of starting off straight at high speed, it gradually increases speed to reach the set speed, . This makes this Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool more comfortable to handle and easier to control.

The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool is definitely a tool that lives up to its name and doesn’t let down the impressive line of tools brought out by Bosch so far.

Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool:

Product Specifications

Part Number: MX25EK-33
Item Package Quantity: 1
Batteries Included?: No

Technical Details

  • Variable-speed dial for matching speed to application and material
  • Constant electronics circuitry maintains speed under load
  • Durable accessory holder makes it easy to change and position accessories using Allen wrench
  • Compact–small enough to reach into corners and other tight spaces
  • The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool Includes multiple blades, sanding pads, and other accessories

Fein MultiMaster Tool – Master Multiple Tasks Easily!

Fein Multimaster Tool Overview

fein toolFein, the pioneer in professional and reliable power tools, has now brought out its latest product, the Fein Multimaster tool. This is aimed at making the repair, renovation, outfitting and reconstruction work at home, office or business houses. Be it on 20 guage sheet metal or wood surfaces, fiberglass, carbon fiber, for interior work outs or for repairing vehicles, professional Carpenters, mechanics, construction workers and the amateurs getting their odd jobs done at home also find it equally handy and useful.

The Fein Multimaster tool comes with variable speeds and the latest oscillating technology, as against the earlier rotary technology used in power tools. The Fein Multimaster tool does not rotate or orbit like most other powertools. Instead the attachments provided with the Fein Multimaster tool kit oscillate in a minimal arc of 3 1/2″ offering more control for the operator, as lower torque means it uses only minimal power to complete the task at hand. The Fein Multimaster tool is useful for cutting, sanding and grinding and comes with a wide range of accessories for multiple tasks. This multipurpose tool performs each of the tasks with different attachments, as if it were created just for that purpose alone.

The variable speed between 11000 to 20000 oscillations per minute enables it to perform a wide array of tasks from sanding, grinding, scraping and even grout removal with minimal effort and great ease. The powerful 250 watt motor fitted in the Fein Multimaster tool comes with a soft grip and a star arbor that locks accessories in place. It offers upto 40% more power than most of its competitors.

This versatile, high – precision specialist oscillating tool is very light weight and handy, made of an ergonomic design and comes with an electronic speed control making it ideal for sanding even in hard to reach corners.

The Fein MultiMaster tool comes with multiple user friendly attachments like a triangular sanding pad, 5 of each type of sanding sheets, universal E cut saw blade, HSS segment saw blade, a carbide tipped segment saw blade, a scraping blade, dust extraction attachment, perforated triangular sanding pad etc all packed in to a handy tool case. The Fein Multimaster tool is designed for optimal and continuous use for longer durations. All of them are easy to mount and easy to detach. It is provided with a 8 point tool mount for outstanding torque transfer.

Fein MultiMaster Tool Review:

Most of the customers purchasing and using this Fein Multimaster oscillating multi-tool are quite happy with the performance and vouch for its masterly skills with all the jobs that it does. Even if the Fein Multimaster tool is a notch higher in cost than most of its competitors, it is found to be great value for money. Some others have found that the fabric on the back of the sanding attachment wears out quickly. But dont you worry.

Fein has the best after sales service that has established themselves as the segment leader in power tools. All the accessories are available conveniently at the nearest store. Adding to the happiness of the customers, Fein offers 3 years plus service promise to ensure their bond with the clients lasts a long time. Not to mention the lucid product brochures and instruction manuals to make the uses of the Fein Multimaster tool easy to understand.

Go with the 140 year old masters of the business and enjoy all the odd jobs that have bored you till now with the Fein MultiMaster Tool !!

Fein Multimaster Tool:

Product Specifications

Part Number:     FMM 250Q TOP Plus
Item Package Quantity:     1
Item Dimensions
Weight:     12 Pounds
Length:     19.50 inches
Width:     12.50 inches
Height:     5.75 inches

Technical Details

  •     World’s first oscillating tool
  •     Multi-purpose system for interior fitting and renovation
  •     High powered 250-watt motor
  •     Ergonomic and low vibration machine
  •     The Fein Multimaster tool has a durable design made to last